April 2015, A luxury villa in Brazil with Scooby and Tasha the dogs

2015-04-18 05.44.33For our next house sitting assignment, we looked after a huge luxury villa in Brazil with space for 18 people, swimming pool, jacuzzi, 2 dogs to look after and staff to oversee.

Our two canine friends here were a pleasure to look after. Scooby was the best guard dog around, ensuring we were aware of any new people approaching the property and never leaving Claire’s side when Paul was not at home. He was a gorgeous, huge labrador, who was really a big softie underneath that loved having his belly rubbed.  Tasha was an 8-month old puppy who was full of beans and always looking for the next adventure.  She was great company and loved lots of strokes and attention.

In addition to the dogs, we also oversaw the groundskeeper George, and the housekeeper Joseletta making sure their jobs were fulfilled, although they were both excellent workers and needed little input from us!

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