Christmas & New Year 2015-16, A beautiful farmhouse in Crowborough with Humby and Purdey

2015-12-31 10.39.41For the festive season we were back in the UK at a beautiful farmhouse in Crowborough where we were kept company by Humby an older terrier and Purdey a black labrador and a selection of fish that needed to be fed.

The house was set in a huge area of land surrounded by woodland, a river and a wild boar farm! The owners parents lived in the cottage next door, so we offered to help them out if they needed any assistance while we were there too.

The dogs needed a couple of decent walks a day, and with the time of year it was definitely time for welly boots! We walked through many a mud-field on our daily treks around the woods.

We needed to be careful with Humby around other dogs as she suffered from what we’ve come to affectionately name terrier-itis (otherwise known as not so sociable with other dogs!), but as long as she was handled firmly on the lead, she was fine. Purdey was a typical lab, so we needed to be mindful of her around food, but aside from that all she wanted was lots of love and affection. And we were always highly entertained at feeding time as Purdey’s jumping to try and see the food that was on the way made it look like she’d smuggled in a small trampoline! 🙂

They seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Christmas treats we bought for them (having checked with the owners first that they were happy for us to do so), and munched their way through them happily on Christmas morning! …and they enjoyed joining Claire for her morning yoga routine!

We loved our stay in the area, surrounded by wildlife (Christmas morning we were greeted by a herd of wild deer in the garden!) and the dogs seemed to be very happy with our stay!

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