Feb-Mar 2015, An award winning bed & breakfast in Glastonbury with guests and two parrots

2015-03-11 18.32.10Our next assignment was an award-winning 6 bedroom bed and breakfast in Glastonbury with a plethora of wild animals to feed and two domestic parrots.  The owners of the bed and breakfast were going away for a well-deserved break from running this busy business, and needed someone who could keep things ticking over while they were away.

The responsibilities of the bed and breakfast were to welcome and ensure that all guests to the bed and breakfast were taken care of, checking them in and out and being available to help with any questions or challenges they had during their stay, and also to answer the phones, take messages and correspond with the owners while away to help with future bookings and managing the diary. We also needed to oversee and pay the cleaning staff as well as doing a bit of shopping to top up the organic supplies for the guest breakfasts, and other items for feeding the wild animals.

In addition to the bed and breakfast, there were plenty of animals at the property who needed some care and attention. Upstairs in the owners area were two parrots, Honey and Robbie, who were an absolute pleasure to look after. Having been informed that Robbie isn’t very social and Honey tends to not take to new people, Claire was very surprised when she flew immediately onto her shoulder and started giving her kisses on the cheek!  There were also many wild bird in the garden that needed feeding daily and a collection of badgers who we fed each night. It was a delight to sit in the dining area of an evening and watch the black and white little friends come out to get their dinner.

“Thank you for being so efficient, I feel I can relax knowing our somewhat complex house sitting is in good hands, your finger is definitely on the pulse.” – Cheryl, Glastonbury

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