January 2016, A 3-bedroom house in Bedford with a trio of unexpectedly friendly cats!

2016-01-17 12.09.12Unfortunately in January 2016 Claire was very unwell, but our next house sitting assignment turned out to be perfect for the situation. Paul began the sit solo (as Claire was unable to travel), and then Claire joined him a couple of days later.  When we arrived we were told that the three feline residents can sometimes be wary of strangers, so we were told not to be surprised if they kept their distance for a while.

Well contrary to expectations, we seemed to hit it off very well with Maverick, Goose and the youngest Winnie. The first day that Claire arrived, she had plenty of cat-shaped company curled up in bed with her, and having found Mavericks kryptonite (aka belly rubs), he was a permanent resident for cuddles!

All three cats were a little mischievous, often going into the one room in the house that they weren’t allowed in (the owner had a beauty room and kept it cat-free in case of client allergies) as the door didn’t shut properly. Luckily Paul was there with his DIY expertise and managed to fix the door in order that they couldn’t get in without learning how to turn the handle (which they hadn’t mastered by the time we left!)

Winnie was highly entertaining, always getting into bags and small spaces, and following Maverick around trying to pounce on him! Even though it was only a short sit, we really enjoyed our time there.


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