January & February 2016, Two visits to Guildford to look after Piper the Bichon Frise & Moet the cat

2016-02-13 09.12.16Before our return to Italy, we were asked to do two separate stints looking after an adorable Bichon Frise called Piper, and a cat called Moet in Guildford in the UK.

The house was a gorgeous 6-bedroomed detached property, with a huge garden, although we spent most of our time in the guest room where we were staying.

Piper was an absolute delight to look after, she was affectionate and playful, and her recall when going for walks was brilliant. I took her each day up to the dog park up the road, and nothing made her more happy than finding other puppy friends to run and play with.

She pretty much never left my side while we were there, and would often come with me if I went to visit friends or out for the day. Moet on the other hand often kept to herself (mainly because if she was around Piper would try and encourage her to play, which she wasn’t really up for!), but would appear every now and again for a stroke and a cuddle.

Piper was a lot of fun, but was also happy to amuse herself if you were busy with something for a short while. We loved our time in Guildford, and especially looking after Piper, who was pure joy on four legs!

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