July 2015 – April 2016, Three Different Stints at a Villa in Italy

2016-04-05 08.40.40For our next house sitting assignment, we drove from the south of Spain all the way down to the south of Italy to the beautiful town of Ostuni.  Here we did several sits over the next 9 months in a lovely 3 bedroom villa, with a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.

Although there were no animals at the sit, the owners of the property encouraged us to feed the local stray cats if we wanted, and a lovely local cat that we nicknamed ‘Blue’ because of her gorgeous blue eyes adopted us and came to visit almost every day. She was very friendly and enjoyed a quick stroke when she came by, but preferred to stay outside rather than come in. We also had a variety of local neighbourhood cats come and stop by. We also made friend with the very friendly German Shepherd who lived next door!

As the homeowner was a gardening fan, we needed to keep a watchful eye on the various plants and trees while we were there, this included picking persimmons from their trees, picking capers from the bushes around the property and making sure that everything was well watered through the summer months.

As it was a long-term sit, the most important thing was making sure that the property was returned to the precise condition that the owners had left it. As we always take photos of each room of the property when we arrive, we were able to make sure that every single item in the house was exactly where it had been when we arrived. The owners were very happy and appreciated the attention to detail in how we reset the property when they returned.

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