June 2015, A house in Murcia, Spain with 4 dogs, a cat and a bird

2015-06-01 10.43.11For our next house sitting assignment, we drove from the UK down to the south of Spain to look after a lovely collection of animals for another couple who were using housesitters for the first time.

As usual, the biggest concern for the home owners was making sure that their animals were well looked after while they were gone, and we had some medical and dietary needs to look after while we were there.

Marron and Nigrita were both lovely dogs to look after, and very simple in their requirements, they just needed feeding twice a day and a short walk in the evening around the property with the others.  Zara was a little food-seeking ninja who appeared behind anyone who opened the fridge door in case anything happened to fall out in her direction. Being 16 she had some minor medical challenges meaning that she was on medication twice a day.  Dumpie was diagnosed with some significant heart problems before we arrived, and as a result was not keen on eating. The owners told us that there were some days where he pretty much ate nothing. Claire decided to do everything she could to encourage him to eat, and twice a day could be found sat on the kitchen floor with him hand feeding him ham and sausages to try to tempt him to eat something. Most days she managed to get him to have a small meal, and we noticed a major difference in his temperament when his tummy was fully stoked.

In addition to the dogs we had Charley the cat to look after who enjoyed warming Paul’s seat for him for every meal and Jaapie the bird who (as with most birds) could be a little temperamental with new people!

The sit was incredibly enjoyable and most evenings were spend on the sofa surrounded by a collection of animals all wanting to cuddle up with us.  The owners were very happy as we provided regular updates on ‘foodwatch’ for Dumpie so they could stay up to date with his progress while they were away.

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