November 2015 & February 2016, A Riverside House in Yalding with Pippa the Golden Retriever

2015-12-13 07.15.42In between our sits in Italy we did several assignments in the UK. Our first was at a lovely riverside house in Yalding looking after the gorgeous golden retriever Pippa.

It’s fair to say that Pip was definitely part of the family in this household and was almost as much a person as anyone else! She curled up with us on the couch of an evening, and even came and laid on the bed when we were reading in the mornings. She was a very affectionate dog that we loved sitting for.

We took her for two walks every day, and had to be on the look out with food, as (being a retriever!) she was always looking for more.  She was a wonderful companion although she never seemed to be able to figure out whether she wanted to be inside or outside the back door…and we were up and down several times an evening to let her in and out!

She also insisted on joining in my yoga sessions each morning, and made her presence known (and would often lean until she got a stroke!)

We loved this sit, and the homeowners were so pleased with us that they not only asked us to come back, but when our availability didn’t quite match up, they arranged family to cover the bit we couldn’t do as they were so happy with us as sitters that they preferred to have us to do what we could than find other sitters who could do the whole sit, which we were very honoured by.

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