February 2015, An eclectic multi-building resort with numerous guests, animals and a one-winged parrot!

Our next house sitting assignment was a little unusual. Unlike a standard house sit, we joined forces with Nat and Jodie of “House Sitting World” who wanted to put on a house sitting academy at a big property that needed a lot of work on it in the off season to prepare it to be […]

January 2015, A 6-bedroom House in Oxfordshire, UK with Zippy the dog and 2 cats

For our next house sitting assignment, we looked after a lovely detached 6 bedroom property in Oxfordshire while the owners were on holiday. While the owners were away the house was being redecorated, so we played host to Steve the painter and decorator who was in most days getting the place looking all fresh and new for […]

December 2014, A 4-bedroom House in Sevenoaks, UK with Casper the cat.

For our next house sitting assignment, we looked after a lovely detached 4 bedroom property with Casper the cat.  The family were going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia before the children moved up to senior school and wanted to make sure that their cat (who had a tendency to wander a little) was still there […]

July 2014, A 5 Acre Guest Property in Ojochal, Costa Rica with Rica & Daisy the dogs

For our next house sitting assignment, we were lucky enough to look after a gorgeous 5-acre guest property in Ojochal, Costa Rica for 3 months.  Here we were joined by two wonderful dogs, Rica the Golden Retriever and Daisy the Terrier, 4 ducks and around 8 chickens. In addition to looking after the property and animals, […]

June 2014, A 5 Bedroom House In Orpington UK

For our third house sitting assignment, we looked after a large 5-bedroomed house in Orpington in the UK.  Again there were no pets at this property, but the garden is the owner’s pride and joy. We had fruit and vegetables to tend to, and to pick as they were in season, a lawn to keep […]

House sitting France Paul Claire Tour Du Treuil 013

May 2013, A 7-Floor Luxury Tour in the South of France

For our second house sit we were lucky enough to spend some time at a 7-storey luxury tower in the south of France.  We had two dogs keeping us company for the duration of our stay, George and Harriet, who both enjoyed curling up with Claire and her laptop as she worked.  We made great […]

House sitting UK Paul Claire Brockley 000

December 2012, A 2-Bedroom Flat in London

As this was our first house sitting assignment, and we weren’t expecting for this to be our full-time lifestyle, we don’t actually have any pictures of the house! This was a five week house sit, looking after a lovely 2 bedroom flat in the Brockley area of London.  There were no pets and no significant work needed […]